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Product Benefits About The Orbiter® Light Shield

Saves You Time & Money!

Because The Orbiter® filter is freely rotating and is not rigidly attached to the curing light tip (like other eye shields), it can be easily adjusted in the instances where it’s not ideally positioned without your workflow being interrupted.  This “nudging” or adjustment is as simple as using a single free finger on the hand that’s holding the curing light or the thumb on the free hand, depending on the model of curing light. This fluid, efficient motion saves valuable time during the procedure while still providing the eye protection necessary when using today’s curing lights.  Our research has shown that using The Orbiter® compared to other forms of eye protection can save as much as TWO DAYS of time annually.

Easy To Use

Approximately 50% of clinicians today don’t utilize any sort of eye protection when curing.  We believe this is because other forms of eye protection are awkward and cumbersome to use.  The elegant design of The Orbiter® allows clinicians to cure in a safe, efficient, and hassle-free way.  All you have to do is attach it to the curing light, and the counterweight design constantly readjusts itself to the upright position as you work on your patients. This means that the device is in place to shield your eyes most of the time without any tedious intervention from the operator.


As demonstrated by various research studies, using a curing light without effective eye protection can have consequences for both the quality of your work and your vision.  In particular, ocular damage is a real and significant threat. – each and every exposure to the intense curing lights in use today causes damage at the cellular level   Consistent exposure causes damage to the retina and can cause macular degeneration.  Instead of looking away (which still allows glimpses of damaging light and increases the chance of under-polymerized materials) or shields that require constant positioning and adjusting throughout the procedure, professionals can now turn to The Orbiter® for the efficient, quality protection they and their teams deserve.

Proven Quality

Unlike many of the filters and shields on the market, the filter material selected for use in The Orbiter® blocks out around 99.8% of harmful blue light, and we have the spectroscopy data to prove it. This means that doctors and staff members can perform effective curing with confidence, knowing that their eyes are well-protected from potentially harmful effects and the dependability of their work is not compromised.