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There is a Better Way for Curing Light Eye Protection!

Congratulations. You are one of a select group of dental professionals attempting to protect your eyes from the harmful effects of blue light.

The good news does not stop there. Dentistry now offers a better way.  The Orbiter®, a patented curing light eye shield developed by a fellow dentist, provides distinct advantages over other forms of eye protection currently on the market.

For years, you have made a commitment to do things the right way. Now, you have the opportunity to save time, enhance results, and protect your eyesight and the eyesight of your team members by adding The Orbiter® to your curing lights.

Produce More in Less Time

In dentistry, time is money.  The Orbiter® gives the average practice the opportunity to save up to 2 days of chair time per year.  In a recent study, use of The Orbiter® reduced the time required for a typical cure by as much as 7 seconds. This equates to about 30 seconds per direct composite and nearly 2 days per year for an average practice.  We all know the value of an hour of chair time not to mention the revenue that can be generated with 2 additional days of production.

Shield 99.8% of Damaging Blue Light

A recent study by the ADA Science Institute found that 4 of 12 brands of protective filtering eyeglasses and 5 of 10 brands of protective filtering shields allowed transmission of significant levels of blue light.  It was calculated that the maximum permissible exposure duration allowed for an 8 hour workday could be exceeded at these transmission levels. The Orbiter® filter material undergoes spectroscopy testing to confirm it blocks 99.8% of harmful blue light emitted by curing lights in use today.

Give Yourself An Extra Hand

Even with an outstanding team of dental assistants, every dentist can always use another hand.  The Orbiter® gives you and your assistants that hand by eliminating the need to hold a paddle or adjust a shield.  Instead, gravity is allowed to do this job by up-righting the acrylic filter so you have the opportunity to focus on other, more important tasks.