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Can You Afford to Look Away?

We get it.  You have been doing it for years, and so have many other dentists and assistants.  Many feel that if they simply look away from the curing light during use, their eyes will be protected and they will fully cure the restorative material they are working on.  Research has proven both of these assumptions to be false.  Keep reading to learn more.

Is this How You Envision Your Future?

Macular degeneration is a leading cause of blindness in the United States, and the blue light from your curing units is a direct risk factor.  The high intensity curing lights in use today allow even small glimpses of light to cause damage----retinal burns, cataracts, and/or advancement of macular degeneration. The Orbiter® provides a simple, easy-to-use and economical way to protect your vision.  We think helping to ensure a future filled with crystal clear sight makes using eye protection an easy decision for you and your team.

You Care About Your Staff!!

Amazing hygienists and assistants are part of every great practice, and creating a safe, fulfilling work environment for your staff is critical to long-term success.  Providing the proper tools and technology for a safe operating environment is apparent and appreciated.  A small investment in The Orbiter® eye shields for every curing unit will continue to send a clear message that you care.

Quality Matters

You invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in training, products, and systems to deliver the highest standard of care to each patient.  Yet you choose to “look away” when using a light curing unit.  Studies show that looking directly at what you are curing will improve the quality and consistency of your work, and that looking away dramatically increases chances of the restorative material you are curing being under-polymerized.  Your patients deserve your best, and you deserve to see what is best for them.