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Do You Protect Your Eyes?

Give your team a device that makes their job easier and shows them you care about their safety and well-being.

Efficient, Optimal eye protection that is 100% hassle free.

Clinician Testimonials

“I love the Orbiter®! It takes all the light shield adjustments previously needed out of the game!!! A gem of a product assisting me in dealing with mindless tasks that take time out of my day! I would highly recommend this product!”
DMD, Pennsylvania

“We have placed Orbiters on all of the curing lights in my office and we love them. My assistants report that they much prefer them over the light shields from the manufacturer.”
DDS, Missouri

“My staff loved the adaptability and the fact that the shield was always just where we needed it. We give our strongest recommendation for this product…”
DDS, Missouri

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